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OTS Fire Protection Services provides a full range of servicing in accordance to Australian Standards AS 1851 and associated Standards as outlined in your Occupancy requirements.


All fire extinguishers are designed for a specific purpose and risk, as part of our standards inspection we assess your risk exposure(s) and current protection levels, and advise you when there is a deficiency or oversupply.

Extinguishers must be installed in accordance to AS2444, and maintained to AS1851. Contact us regarding testing fire fighting equipment and fire extinguisher maintenance.

SERVICE FREQUENCY – 6 and 12 Monthly to AS 1851


Are designed to hold a fire from spreading within a large building/warehouse or multi occupant building, like Aged Care facilities and Apartment’s.

Sprinkler System Water Flow and Pressure must be tested as set out in your occupancy permit, eg: Weekly, Monthly, Six and Monthly. Large systems require an annual anubar test proving that the system still meets the minimum performance criteria.

SERVICE FREQUENCIES – Can vary from weekly to monthly depending on system design to AS1851


Are installed to meet the increased pressure and flow performance requirements where Fire Hydrant, Hose Reel or Sprinkler systems need additional pressure than what is available you’re your street supply.

SERVICE FREQUENCIES – Can vary from weekly to monthly depending on system design as set out in AS1851


Hose reels must be installed in accordance to AS2441, and are to provide water for general “A” class fire fighting. These rely on water from your street mains or pump set and tank where mains are not available.

SERVICE FREQUENCY – 6 and 12 Monthly to AS 1851.


Are installed to provide your Fire Service (CFA,MFB,DSE) with onsite fire fighting capabilities. Their constant accessibility is key to protecting your asset, they can be a standalone system with pump set and tank, Booster system and Street mains, dependant on your occupancy requirement.

SERVICE FREQUENCY – Can vary from weekly, monthly, annually, 3 and 6 yearly depending on system design as set out in AS1851


Are installed to provide fire suppression or to halt the spread of fire through an opening in a fire rated wall, like a walkway in an adjoining warehouse; Normally due to this and operational needs like see thru panels etc they are made to measure. All Exits must be keep clear and useable whilst the building is occupied.

SERVICE FREQUENCIES – Monthly, Quarterly and Annually as set out in AS1851

FIRE PANELS (Fire Alarm or FIP)

Fire Detection is the first step in protecting your asset, they are designed to detect the start of fire in the building and alert the Fire Brigade, they can also alert the occupiers of the building, so a safe evacuation can take place. Fire Panel operate in a number of modes:

Manually, where someone activates the alarm by breaking the Break Glass Alarm or Manual Call Point, this activates a call to the Fire Brigade.

Automatically, where the detectors are triggered by the presence of Smoke or Heat and activate a call to the Fire Brigade; these systems also have a Break Glass or Manual Call Point near the Fire Panel .

SERVICE FREQUENCY – Monthly, 6 and 12 Monthly (Annual) to AS 1851.


Extinguisher training, Fire Warden training, Evacuation training and evacuation plans are available and we can cater these for your specific need and workplace.


As required annual Essential Safety Measures compliance testing and Auditing is required, as set out in your occupancy requirements under the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

OTS Fire Protection Services helps keep you compliant

Special Hazard

Fire suppression systems design and installation for Vehicles, mining equipment, server rooms with automatic detection systems.

These include the servicing and asset tracking of the following:

  • Extinguishers , Fire Blankets , Hose Reels, Fire Doors, Smoke Detection
  • Hydrants and Boosters, Wall wetting sprinklers, Fire Panels and Design
  • Exit and Emergency Lights, Hydrant flow rates and static pressure tests
  • EWIS - Emergency Warning Indicator Systems, Sprinkler Systems


  • Fire Panel

    Fire Panel
  • Extinguisher Collection

    Extinguisher Collection
  • Fire Strobe Light

    Fire Strobe Light
  • Fire Pump Set

    Fire Pump Set
  • Portable Spill Kit

    Portable Spill Kit
  • Extinguisher use in Workplace

    Extinguisher use in Workplace
  • Pumper and Hoses

    Pumper and Hoses
  • Spill Kit and Basics

    Spill Kit and Basics
  • Spill Kit Mini Booms Assorted

    Spill Kit Mini Booms Assorted
  • Ewis